Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Begins. Part One.

We found out I was pregnant at the end of February 2010. We were beyond thrilled! I had told all my friends I was going to have an October baby. Why October? I just LOVE that month. It's the best month of the year! The air is perfect, pumpkins are out, fall decor is everywhere, and it's the kick off of the holiday season! Of course they all laughed at me, because, since most of them already had a baby, they knew all too well that a baby will do what it wants, when it wants.

Well, we figured out my due date was November 3rd. I was still super happy and was hoping for a late October arrival. I was going to be okay if I delivered in November, but I REALLY wanted that October birthdate (I had a dream I had the baby October 24th)! I had the "perfect" pregnancy. I was a runner, so I continued to run and work out like I did before I was pregnant. I even ran the Springtime Tallahassee 5K. Near the end of May, I had gone out for a run - I had cut back on distance since it was getting hotter out and I didn't want to overheat. That night I noticed I was spotting. I called my OB the next morning and was told that minimal spotting could be normal and not to worry, just to rest and if I was still spotting the next day to come in to the office. Well, when I woke up Saturday, I was still having the same problem. Tanner and I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry so we went into triage. I had a lovely doctor check everything and basically, I had irritated my cervix and was told to stop running. I was allowed to walk but not to get too hot. She said to rest a lot that weekend and come in on Monday for an ultrasound just to be double safe. Monday rolls around, and we go in for an ultrasound. I was 16 weeks pregnant at this point, so the tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex - if she could see. OF COURSE WE WANT TO KNOW! So, there was our baby. Proud as ever, mooning the tech. We are having a BOY! So exciting! The tech, who was amazing, checked everything out and all looked great. We had a healthy baby boy, and a healthy mommy.

{First Trimester}

Up to 6 months I had only gained 5 pounds. Blood pressure, sugar levels, iron - everything- was right on track. I LOVED being pregnant. I can't say it enough! I was rarely sick or tired, no stretch marks - LOVED it! I loved the clothes, the way complete strangers were so kind, the planning, the day dreaming! I was pregnant through the summer (something I clearly did not think through when planning for an October baby) and was at the beach and out on the boat constantly. I probably had one of the tannest baby bellies ever (the doctors actually commented on how dark it was during delivery!). My family goes to the same beach every summer - and has since 1980 - and I mean my ENTIRE family. We have aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents - you name it. Needless to say, there is a lot of eating that happens this particular week. So, when we come back from our amazing vacation, it is time for my 7 month check up. I had gained 12 pounds. In one month. Honestly, probably in just that one week. I freak out, but the doctor who saw me that visit told me that since I had gained so little the rest of the time, the weight was probably just catching up with me - but not to let it happen again! (Thank goodness I was not seeing my regular OB - he would not have been so easy on me!) But, aside from crazy weight gain, everything looks great! The nurses told me I had "text book" blood pressure.

{Second Trimester}

Every year we go to Disney in September for Tanner's birthday. This year, my mom happened to have an event down there the weekend of September 11th. We decided to go that weekend so we could ride her coat tail! My mom is an event coordinator, so when we travel with her we get VIP treatment. We arrive at the Shingle Creek Resort and are escorted up to our 2 bedroom suite where a gift basket is waiting and are given a key to the VIP lounge (free breakfast, appetizers, desserts, drinks) and endless room service. It was a perfect weekend - the perfect "babymoon". I was 8 months pregnant at this point, so the ride was a little hard on me. My legs were quite swollen - I believe Tanner referred to me as "cankles" the entire time. It was obviously the last trip we were going to be able to take before our sweet baby's arrival.

Moving on to October, I was really used to having swollen feet/legs by this point. I had forgotten that I was supposed to have an actual ankle or toes that appeared to have a bone in them. I stayed very active the entire pregnancy. I walked, lifted light arm weights, and did countless squats. Tanner and I prepared constantly for this baby. His nursery was perfection, we attended the ABC's of Parenting, and since we were planning for a natural childbirth, we attended the Lamaze course at our OB's office. I am not one who thinks there is one right way to have a baby - I think the safest way to get the baby here is the way to go - but I personally wanted to have my baby naturally. Mostly because I am deathly afraid of needles (especially the massive needle that is an epidural) but also because I am not a big medicine taker, so I did not want to risk any drugs that were in my body getting into my baby's body.

We go to our OB on Monday, October 4th. I am SO excited because this marks the start of my weekly visits - which means we are extremely close to meeting our boy! Everything looks great and I am measuring right on track. Dr. D is a little concerned because I was carrying so low, so he wanted me to have an ultrasound just to make sure baby had enough fluid. He gets me right in with the tech and she checked me out thoroughly and everything was perfect. He was measuring about 6 pounds and she guessed that by delivery I would be having about a 9 pound baby. We leave the appointment SO excited and go about our day. Something worth mentioning was my extreme case of nesting. Looking back, I can admit I was a little over the top. We redecorated most of the house, and I was convinced we needed to build a carport before I had this baby. Because in my pregnant brain - how could we have a baby without a carport?! Well, the house was decorated, but the carport was not built. I guess my hubs and dad were right when they mentioned that construction and pregnancy didn't mix. Go figure.

On Wednesday, October 6th, Tanner was getting home a few minutes late because he stopped for a haircut and decided to pick up some wings for dinner. When he pulled into the drive, I walked to the back door to let him in and let the dog out. At that exact moment, I started gushing everywhere. Tanner was sure my water broke, but since I had never been pregnant before, I had no idea what was happening. I was thinking I had peed my pants! And if you have ever been pregnant, you know that is a concern when you are that far along! Well, at this point, Tanner is FREAKING OUT. I mean a hot mess. Running around the house like a mad man. We had nothing ready. The house was a wreck from all my rearranging and decluttering, the laundry was not done, and we had not packed yet. I just knew I was not in labor. This can't be what labor feels like. I did know from Lamaze that I had some time after my water broke. I knew that I needed to get myself together and go to the hospital. But I also knew there were supposed to be contractions. I started having Braxton Hicks very early on, so I knew somewhat of what I should be feeling, but there was nothing. But, try telling Tanner in freak out mode this logic. So, off to the hospital we go. As I am telling him not to call anyone until we know what is going on, he is already on his third phone call telling everyone that my water broke.

Thankfully, when we get to triage they only make me wait about 5 minutes before taking me back. They were moving a little slow, but since I knew I was not in labor, I didn't mind waiting. Tanner on the other hand...losing it. The nurse comes in to check my blood pressure (perfect) and hooks me up to monitor my contractions and the baby's heart rate. Of course, I had a few Braxton Hicks during this time, so it was cool seeing it on the monitor! I also enjoyed watching the baby's heart rate and hearing him. A very nice doctor comes in to see what's going on, and what do you know. Tanner grew up playing baseball with his son, so they decide to catch up while he is checking my cervix. Wonderful. Not awkward at all. He tests the fluid and it does not come back as amniotic fluid so he explains that sometimes when the baby is sitting that low that you can have a "preliminary gush" but it was nothing to worry about. (While I was so happy that I did not pee my pants, I was also somewhat convinced I did in fact pee my pants and he didn't want to embarrass me.) He then does an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is happy, and we see our perfect little boy living a happy life inside of mommy's tummy.

I work for a wonderful company and have an amazing boss, so when I called and explained that we had a scare, he suggested I take off Thursday to relax. So, I did take off Thursday, but how could I possibly relax? I just had the scare of my life and had nothing ready! So by the time Tanner got home from work on Thursday I had picked up and organized the entire house, and called to have a friend of mine come to deep clean on Monday. Friday and Saturday were spent making sure everything was perfect - we had the house decorated for fall, our fall plants planted, pumpkins perfectly arranged, all of our laundry done and put away, and the nursery was waiting for a perfect little boy. Saturday afternoon I was scheduled to have 3rd trimester pictures done with Tanner and the dog. I was not feeling great, was tired, and was worried I was taking them too soon since I was only 36 weeks. But, I decided to go ahead and that I would just take some more pictures later in the month when I was closer to delivery. The pictures went great, and I could not have been happier with the finished product. We went home Saturday evening, and just relaxed and enjoyed a clean house.

{Third Trimester}


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