Monday, March 24, 2014

My Favorite Kind of Weekend

We had no major plans this weekend. Which means we all just get to hang out together, and do normal family things. Like go grocery shopping and to Home Depot. (Yes. Totally normal. For 60 year olds. But we dig it.)

It is also extra special because we are a one car family for a while. Fancy the 4Runner is still being repaired, which means I am still being woken at the unhuman hour of 6:15am and expected to be out of the door by 7:00am. (Let's all be honest. This is not happening. And because this is not happening, Tanner and I are a bit at odds every morning.)

So Friday after school, we all go to the barber shop for the boys to get a haircut. Fisher has gone to Mr. Ben since his haircutting life began. And he loves him. This is also the same barber shop Tanner has gone to as long as I have known him. Which dates back to the '90's so basically forever.

Unfortunately, Tanner's haircuts do not excite me as much as Fisher's... So no picture to document his big day.

Then we took the babe for a pizza dinner. We have also recently discovered (thanks to conversations with him about an assortment of things that in no way pertain to what we were actually talking about) that Fisher likes "broccoli trees". Along with his pizza, we ordered him a side of broccoli. And with not even trying to hide our shock, we watched him eat nearly the entire side of it. Kid loves it. Mind blown. 

To show our gratitude for him eating something outside of his normal fruit, chicken, pizza, and snacks - we took him for ice cream. This is one of those ice cream places where you serve your own ice cream, and then pick and serve your own toppings. Fisherman was in heaven. He ended up with chocolate and vanilla (because why choose just one?) topped with gummy bears, marshmallows, m&m's and sprinkles.

He clearly has a signature move when eating.

Then we made a quick Trader Joe's stop for some necessities. Honestly. What is cuter than a little person pushing a cart?

I love grocery shopping early on Saturday mornings. The Publix I go to is normally so busy that it just makes me angry. But on Saturday mornings, its heavenly. I think people start singing when I walk in and navigate the aisles with ease. Unfortunately, we are in one car. Which means we didn't get there until about 11:00am and people have started arriving by then. Still wasn't as busy as normal, but definitely slowed me down a bit. (We did stop for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which is a easy way to my heart.) And sheer grocery manufacturer's association genius, Publix also has the mini carts. This is sheer brilliance for keeping littles occupied.

(Please forgive the fact that this is on the beer aisle.)

And what family weekend is complete without a trip to Home Depot?

Fisher is diligently looking through the greens for the perfect orange to paint his bedroom.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Very Busy St. Patrick's Day

So, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Woke up to a rainy, dreary day - but sent Fisher and Tanner to school and work and got myself dressed for my day. (And it was a good hair day, so how bad could it be?)

I knew I was off to a rough start when I arrived on campus. Parking was at the zero factor, which is typical coming off Spring Break. I circled and circled the lots to no avail. Finally, I found a spot - a spot in the lot right in front of my building no less! Only problem is, a GIANT RED EXPEDITION hogged the line and came into the spot I was eying. And on the other side, a nice standard sedan was parked neatly in the already narrow spots. So obviously I went with it. (Who wants to walk up to a mile in the rain? Not me with my good hair.) So I shoved my nice, clean 4Runner in the spot leaving 3 inches on the GIANT RED EXPEDITION side, and about 6 inches on the sedan side. Literally. This was so tight my "you are about to hit something" beeps were going crazy. Once I had forced myself into this spot, I sat there for a moment contemplating how I was going to actually get out of my car. I weighed the option of exiting through the trunk, but was worried the ladies who hang out in the faculty/staff lounge laughing at people in that lot would be watching. So, since I had the vastness of 6 inches on the sedan side, I decided that was my best bet. I flung myself to the passenger side and proceeded to shimmy my way out of the car. Then, all too proud of myself, headed into the office.

It was a typical day in the College, and about 10 am Tanner asked if I would like to lunch with him. So about 11:30 I headed to meet him for lunch. (After entering the passenger side of my car and flinging myself over the center console to the wheel.) I spoke with my sister on the way to lunch, and she mentioned she wasn't feeling too well - at 34 weeks pregnant with twins. She said it was like she had worked out and her muscles were sore. She had planned to run errands that day (her first day of Spring Break), but decided to relax instead. Tanner and I had a lovely date (he is my favorite), and left about 12:45 heading back to work. I called my sister (on my car system, so both hands were on the wheel mind you), and pulled out in traffic. Heading south in the far right lane (turn lane) - a WHITE IMPALA makes an illegal u-turn, makes it through the left lane of cars (that goes straight), drills me, and speeds off. So. What is a girl to do. Oh. That's right. Get mad and chase them. While honking and yelling. But, not bright enough to just chill and make note of their plate number. Eventually, they turn out in front of oncoming traffic, and I am forced to give up my chase. I pull into a gas station, call 911 and my husband. A nice man who witnessed the scene stopped to give his statement. I am totally fine, but my car had to be towed for repairs. And a bonus - while we wait for the officers to arrive, I had to stand in the humid drizzle. So long good hair day, hello frizzy pony tail. (Complaining story short - since it was a hit and run, we have to pay the deductible from our insurance to get it fixed, organize all the repairs and claims, and I have to carpool with my early bird husband until it is returned. Honestly. I am most annoyed about the carpool life because we do not carry rental car insurance. He gets to work at 8 am. I am more of a 9 am girl. Ok. 9:30.) Tanner took me back to work so he could attend a short meeting, and then promised to come right back so we could go to the repair shop, sign papers, pick up Fisher, and go home to drink Sangria and watch trashy TV.

I tried to call my sister, who was on the phone when it happened. I screamed. She screamed. I said I was just in an accident and hung up on her. She didn't answer. I figured she was napping. Nope. My brother-in-law called me shortly after to inform me she was at triage in labor. I called Tanner, told him to cut the meeting short, and we have to go. Sister was in no way ready for babies. I had to go sign the papers for my car, pick up Fisher and my niece, take them to my parents where my aunt was ready to babysit, and pack hospital bags for Amy and Roman. When Amy arrived in triage she was already 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. The girl was still breech so they prepped her for a c-section.

Everything went smoothly - mom is fine - babies are fine. The twins will be in NICU for a while since they were early, but thus far have needed no intervention and are breathing independently. Preliminary word is they will be there until they reach 36 weeks (2 more weeks), unless they keep doing so well. (Maintaining body temp and weight) Amy should be in for about 3 days, and I have been tasked with getting everything baby(s) ready. (Cleaning her house and car, getting car seats.. you know, the usual.) Sofie is not impressed at all with her new "big sister" status, and much prefers the only child life. Fisher is completely irritated that he can't play with them. We are thrilled with our new additions, and thankful for a healthy and happy experience!

Meet Sadie Lee (top) 5 lbs 11 oz, and Truman Robert (bottom) 5 lbs 7 oz. Truman came out first, so he could be the oldest. : )

We finally got home around 11 pm, and fell into bed. But have no fear, the husband was up at 6 am to ensure he would still be in the office by 8 am. And I got no Sangria. No trashy TV.  But I was in my office at 7:45 am ready for the day.

Now just counting down until I can hold my new niece and nephew!

(This was taken just Saturday night. We have several March birthdays in  my family, so we have a dinner to celebrate them all. Looks like that table will be a little bigger next year!)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Fisher has become quite the chatter these days. And let me tell you, conversations with three year olds are never dull.

Lately at night, he likes for either Tanner or I to "sleep with me for 5 minutes." And, obviously, he is the cutest little man we have ever seen, so we oblige.

This has turned into one of the best parts of my day. To get insight into what he deems important from his day to learning who are his best friends and which teachers are his favorite.

Last night he was talking about his teachers, and I asked who was his favorite. His response? (Deleting names on the off chance they ever see this!) "Ms. X and Ms. X are my favorite because they aren't pretty. They are just teachers." Well. That's good to know, son. He also told me he didn't get put in time-out today, his teachers do not pull on his arms, his friends do pull on his arms, and that he didn't share his Chick-fil-a hasbrowns that morning. Even though his hashbrownless friends begged. (Poor babes.) He also informed me that even though it was a school day, it was still March. (Thanks Disney Jr for teaching months.)

Then we moved on to talking about his room decor (again). He pointed to everything around the room, while asking "what number is that?". (Note: they were letters and not numbers, but hey. We are getting there.) This is when I noticed his name is in far too many places in his own room. Holy monogramming overload. (And YES. There is such a thing as too much monogramming.) I should super work on that. (Using the fact that he called me out on it as a motivator.)

One morning while he was relaxing with me, he told me that a stinging monster was going to attack Santa's elves and then they wouldn't be able to make him the gun he wants.

(Serious dilemma.) 

The stuff that comes out of his mouth when we just let him talk blows me away. I hope he always keeps his creative imagination. I love his love for season changes (spring means we roll the windows down), baseball games (which means he gets snack and the rare carbonated beverage), and playing soccer in the yard every evening.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Picture Day

I absolutely love picture day at school.

I find it super exciting that I have a babe old enough to have school pictures. We get to pick out clothes and make sure hair is brushed and pray pictures are early in the day so things still look presentable. (AKA: There are no mysterious foods that we don't remember giving him smashed into that perfectly selected outfit.)

Honestly. How cute is one child allowed to be?!

After school, I couldn't wait to pick him up and ask how his pictures went. He informed me he has a "special picture day smile." I convinced him to show me said smile, and he begrudgingly obliged only after informing me I wasn't allowed to take his picture while he showcased said smile because apparently I am not a legit photographer. (Rude.)

This smile. This smile melts my heart and cracks me up at the same time. It is the biggest smile you have ever seen. Similar to the middle above picture, but forced. Which combines to equal awesomeness.

I can't wait to get the pictures back....

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Clown vs The Balls

Growing up, my mom had a clown picture in my room. Above my bed. (That should creep you out by itself.) When I was finally old enough to express myself, first order of business was to tell her that I was terrified of the clown picture, hated clowns, and needed it removed from the premises asap. This series of events has led to a lifetime of guilt for my mom (and tons of laughter from the rest of the fam).

Until I had Fisher.

I poured myself into the decor of his nursery. Every detail thought out in full crazy pregnancy mentality. Then, I had our wonderful photographer, Jenna Reichert, come in to document. Our home was officially ready to welcome our new bestie.

A couple of months ago, Fisher transitioned from his crib-turned-toddler-bed to a full size big boy bed.

Kid was in love. Just so proud of himself! But as things settled, he started telling us he was scared to go to bed, and every night we would find him completely under the covers (head and all - with head at the footboard - which leads my hubs to freak out) sound asleep.

The other night as Tanner was tucking Fisher in, they started talking about why he was so afraid. In a spill of emotions, he told Tanner it was "those balls" - complete with a (creepy) back story of how little men might live in there and they scare him and might come to the window. (Where I ask does this come from? Mickey? Dora? PETER PAN.)

(Crazy that I can NOT find a picture of the balls. Sign of things to come? I need a reminder for when Fisher is acting up... "Hey. Watch your mouth or I will bring the balls back.")

(And FYI.. They were totally cute. They were those paper lantern things. His rocker was in the corner by the bookshelves, and I had them hung over it. Three of them. Two green and one smaller white. Perfectly different heights and all.)

That was all Tanner needed to jump on top of the toddler table and yank them out of the ceiling. (Something I have a feeling he has wanted to do since I made him put them up there...) Fisher checked to make sure they were gone and in the trash. (I am overly sentimental so they are in the closet. But he doesn't know that. Obvi.)

That was two nights ago. And Fisher has slept soundly since, with no "I'm scared" complaints.

I have become my mother.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Treetop Banger

For Christmas, my in-laws gave Fisher a sweet new ride. It is an electric dune buggy...preschooler style. (Complete with camo. Because what respectable preschooler has a dune buggy without camo?) Needless to say, Fisher was immediately in love. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and we took the party outside. The rest of Christmas at the in-laws was spent walking/jogging up and down the neighborhood with Fisher behind the wheel.

(And apparently this contraption has a super fast gear that was quickly discovered causing mommy and daddy to break out in a full sprint to avoid anything detrimental for Nascar Fisher.) 

True love.

As the day came to an end, we loaded up the dune buggy and headed home. Fisher talked about how cool his new ride was the entire 45 minute drive. He is a bit of a low talker, so Tanner and I caught about every 5th word that came out. At some point during this conversation, he dubbed the name "Treetop Banger". We have NO idea where this is stemming from, and NO idea why he deemed it the best name ever, but nonetheless, we adopted Treetop Banger into our lives.

He immediately requested to call Yaya and Pawpaw along with Amy and Unca to inform them of his new vessel of transportation. (Side note: Amy is my actual sister, while Unca is my brother-in-law. It has always been a source of bitterness that he gets a cool nickname while she is "just Amy" the random girlfriend or something.) The next day he arranged (at three years old) for us to visit the fam and take Treetop Banger for its grand introduction. The day was spent burning up the roads, showing us how he is cool enough to drive with no hands, and begging to take Baby Cousin Sofie for a ride (because it is a two seater. Obvi.).

Now, three months later, we are still calling it Treetop Banger. I have my suspicions that the name is stemming from its camo accents. But, the world may never know.

Most afternoons are spent in the back yard playing with Treetop Banger. Fisher's favorite game is to chase me (or occasionally the poor, unsuspecting dog) around the house. And let me tell you, do not slow down and do not trip. He WILL run you over.

He has also began using it as a point of leverage. If he gets upset with us, he tells us he will just hop in Treetop Banger and drive to Yaya and Pawpaws house. Like he doesn't need us anymore.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Just keeping it real...

So, after a two year hiatus, I have decided to give this little blogger world another shot. I mean, it doesn't take an extraordinary amount of time to hop on and document the life and times of my little man and my little life.

So many times over the past few years have I referenced this blog I slaved over for the first year of Fisher's life. You honestly don't realize the little moments that slip your mind, yet hold so dear (and possibly cry over) when they come back to you.

This is just the ordinary life of a working mom and wife. How I balance it all. What sites I stalk on how to dress presentable. How I teach my preschooler about the love of Christ. And how it all comes together to create this life I love.

... Starting tomorrow.