Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafty Time! Mossy Letter

Sooo, sometimes I like to be crafty. Although my career is as an Interior Designer, I would not call myself "crafty" - hot glue guns, ribbons...you get the picture - not my thing. But I want it to be. I look at all these blogs by crafty people and how they make things instead of just buy them, and I am inspired. So, I have decided to start small.

I found a tutorial for "Mossy Letters" - So, I think...Well that looks cute, and I think I can swing making it! So, I call up Tamara (one of those crafty people), tell her the game plan, and we are off. I have now made 2 of these letters and plan on making a 3rd for a friend who just bought a new home. The first go-round was with Tamara, and we made letters for our last names, the second go-round was a letter for my Grandma who was moving into an assisted living facility. All of the other ladies had their doors all decorated, so I was not about to let Grandma move in with a shabby door front. No ma'am.

I think it turned out super cute! And Grandma loves it : ) I found the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous  - love their site!

Fisher Grows! 7 Months


Fisher: I can not believe that you are seven months old. Something about saying "seven" just makes me feel like you are all grown up. You are no longer a newborn. You are now a baby. Please slow down : ) Your personality just continues to shine through - you are amazing - you have the funniest sense of humor and are always smiling! You started eating baby food this month, and you love it! You are also sitting now! Mostly tri-podding, but every now and then you will reach for something and show me you can sit like a big boy. You love for daddy to rock you to sleep at night and to be there when you wake up in the morning - he is clearly your favorite. But, it's ok. I love seeing him light up when you reach for him. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing the two of you together. I love our time together - you go everywhere with me, and are always such a good boy. You love to go to daddy's baseball games - you will watch an entire game! We celebrated Easter and also my first Mother's Day this month - it was more than I could have ever hoped for. You and daddy make my life complete - even though it has only been seven months, I can not remember life before we had you. We love you more each day Fisherman - everyday I am certain my heart is full of love, but then you make it grow more the very next day. Thank you for making me mommy - I love you.

- Weighing about 17 pounds!
- Mostly 3-6 month clothes, but some 6-9 month
- Size 2 Diaper
- Sleeping 11 hours most nights
- Eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours
- Started eating baby food! Pears, Peas, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Carrots, Squash - You eat about 2 oz a meal.
- Sitting in the tri-pod position, but will sit independently briefly
- Love to hold your own bottle : )
- I love the way you fold your hands when you eat, and the way you fuss at me when the bottle is empty 
- You started sitting in your highchair instead of the Bumbo, I love the way you immediately look so proud of yourself when you are sitting there!
- You are still not the biggest fan of tummy time, but you will do it longer now
- Loving toys! Reaching for anything and everything
- You love your daddy more than you can stand it! You laugh as soon as he walks in the room : )
- Tucker lets you "pet" him (pull his hair). You love animals
- It cracks us up when you are on the changing table - you kick for all you are worth!
- You have 2 teeth! The first popped through on Easter and the second popped through about a week and a half later. You are a great teether! Not too fussy, and you don't lose any sleep!
- Yaya is one of your favorite people in the world and Pawpaw makes you laugh. You laugh everytime you see Auntie and Uncle - you just think they are hilarious!
- Your hair is getting so thick! Daddy likes to give you mohawks : )
- You got your first ear infection this month : ( Thankfully, we caught it early and it was mild and only in one ear.
- You LOVE to play in the jumper! You are so proud of yourself when you jump high and we cheer for you!
- LOVE LOVE it when we clap for you!

Feeding himself pears
Sweet Boy
This is what our house looks like between bath and bottle. Clearly, he is very happy : )