Monday, April 21, 2014

Happiest Easter 2014

I love love love Easter. I love doing special things with my boys. I love how big my family is, and that they flock from all over to spend the day together. I love the fact that Jesus saved me in spite of my countless flaws.

We (of course) made it a weekend affair.

Saturday coloring eggs (after a family reunion and a birthday party)... This was Fisher's first year helping with the eggs, and it was a blast! From dropping the tablets in the cups, to adding the vinegar and water, to dropping them (with no caution) in the coloring.

Before Fisher went to bed Saturday night, he wanted to discuss the Easter Bunny. He asked how big he was, but was already convinced he was huge and scary. I diffused the crisis by assuring him the Bunny is no bigger than Madison (our 10 lb Maltese). This seemed to comfort him to some extent, but he still requested that I ask the Bunny to leave his basket on the porch and to not come inside. (Side note: SO glad we didn't take him to Bass Pro to meet the Easter Bunny. Holy meltdown.)

So once he was asleep, Tanner and I assembled the basket and put it by the front door so we would remember to place it outside in the morning.  Glad we did, because F didn't forget our conversation. He meant what he said about the Bunny not being welcome inside.

After we allowed him to eat a chocolate bunny for breakfast, we got dressed and left for service. As much as I want Fisher to have fun with each holiday, I more so want him to understand the true meaning of why we celebrate.

This makes my heart smile.

Church was followed by dinner and an egg hunt with my family. This year, we had 196 eggs. We found 194, so good luck when my Aunt finds the lost two.

Lots of babes!

Big man found the golden egg! $1 and he thought he was LOADED.

My Grandma in the middle, who just had her first Great Great Grandchild.

We went home that evening with full hearts, full bellies, and a sugar crashed 3 year old.

It was a very Happy Easter.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Amazing Weekend 'Adbenture'

This past weekend was quite honestly the American dream.

Tee-ball, fishing, and a fish fry.

Done and done.

We kicked off Saturday with Fisher's second tee-ball game. HUGE improvement from the first game. (And by huge improvement, I mean he didn't run off the field crying about someone getting the ball instead of him. Not once. And man was he proud of that accomplishment.) It was also our turn to provide team snacks. I will admit that this is something I have looked forward to since becoming a parent. I remember when I was a tot, the best part about a weekend ball game was the snack and drink that would follow. Caprisun was BOGO the week before, so I already had the drinks.... And the evening before, I took Fisher to Publix to select the snacks. Did we just get enough for each child to have one? No ma'am. We had three options. And enough for each child to have one of each option. Obvi. Fisher goes big.

It was also team picture day! See how sweet he is in the individual picture? Now see how confused he is in the team picture? That would be because the photographer barked at the children. I understand the goal was to get them all to look at him. But honestly. He barked. I was just as confused.

That morning, Tanner had gotten up early to get the boat packed and ready to go immediately following the game. He hooked it up to his truck, and we rolled right up to the field ready to take off as soon as the final run was scored. (Dads all over the park were jealous.)

We hopped in the truck, stopped at Publix for subs, and headed to the coast.

To say it was a beautiful day would be a harsh understatement. And this was also the first time just the three of us took the boat out for a Saturday 'adbenture' (as Fisher calls it. And its too cute to not repeat. At every opportunity.).

I took my book (Divergent. READ IT.) and layed out on the back of the boat while my boys caught speckled trout like a boss.

Then we headed in, pulled into my parent's house, and had a family fish fry.

The. Best.

Fisher is still talking about it, and we are eagerly awaiting next weekend so we can do it again!

(Our house is in a constant state of disarray. But hey. We are eating fresh fish.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Very First TeeBall Game.

April 5, 2014 was Fisher's very first baseball game. It was amazing and adorable and an emotional roller coaster. Put 20 three and four year olds out on a field together, and sit back... there will be fireworks. 

Sofia spent the weekend with us, and Fisher just could not contain his excitement for all the weekend festivities.

We kicked it off with a slumber party and Aladdin..... (Tanner might have also provided chocolate ice cream with marshmallows on top.)

Then Saturday was GAME DAY!

Warming up with some ground balls.

His very first baseball meltdown.
His very first hit.

His very first run to first base.
His very first run to home.
And this just makes my day brighter... (Please notice how he literally touches home and then cleans his hand off. Because who wants dirty hands?)

Friday, April 4, 2014

And so it begins...

I honestly think this was one of the first things Tanner and I got excited about when we found out we were having a boy. (Besides the whole life-changing love thing...)

TEE BALL. Or, as YMCA calls it, WEE BALL.

(That doesn't get quite the effect I was going for though.)

Fisher turned 3 in October, which officially meant he was qualified for team sports. I immediately stalked and discovered this "Wee Ball" via our local YMCA, placed the sign-up date on my calendar, and (im)patiently waited for the day to arrive.

Fisher has been playing various forms of baseball, soccer, and golf since he was mobile. He has always loved sports, and Tanner and I feel it is critical to give him the opportunity to participate in a team activity. (Cue: the issue with sharing. In the sense that it doesn't happen.)

To backtrack, Tanner and I both grew up in sports. Tanner played baseball from the time he was around 5 through college. (There were also those years he attempted basketball, and discovered that just because you are athletic does not mean you can play basketball.) (Like really, he is still really bad at it.) Post college ball, he picked up golf (which he is actually very good at) and coaching highschool baseball.

I played softball from the time I was about 4 through college. I also played volleyball in highschool (no really, all 5'3" of me did..and I was horrible) (I like to think I did it just to stay in shape for softball), and soccer for the city because my highschool didn't have a soccer team. I actually loved soccer, and played women's super six post college until I got pregnant with Fisher.

All that to say... Our family LOVES sports. We love to play them, watch them, talk about them...

So, while mommy and daddy are biting tongues to not correct his form or the way he gets distracted when a butterfly flutters by (its actually ridiculously cute)... We are loving the fact that he is only 3, and that he is having the best time of his life.

If you need to get a belly laugh, or just have life put back into perspective - I urge you to go catch a local Wee Ball game. It is amazing. Innocent children without a care in the world having the time of their lives. It doesn't get better than that.

Fisher's team name is the Tigers. His coach is AMAZING. The entire teams favorite part of being on the team is the fact that they are the Tigers and they get to RROOOAAAARRRRR! Oh, and the dog pile that takes place every time the ball is hit.

If you look super close (above the cuts above his socks), you can see his first set of laces! Took it in the shin like a champ!