Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fisher Grows! 2 Months


Fisher: What a month this has been! I am loving that I get to stay at home with you during this precious time! Daddy and I have enjoyed getting to know you so well. You are quite the spunky little man. You are a great sleeper and eater - which we are so thankful for. You had a great 1st Thanksgiving and watched us eat lots of food - you will be able to next year! You went to your 1st Festival of Lights! You were such an angel and slept through all of the boys yelling at the football game on TV. You went to see Santa and attended your 1st Moore Family White Elephant party! We love you more than you will ever know : )
- Eating 2 to 3 oz every 3-4 hours during the day
- Sleeping 6 hours straight on most nights
- Still in mostly Premie clothes, but some Newborn!
- Newborn diapers
- Weighing about 8 pounds
- Starting to make eye contact
- Loves to coo
- You hate to have your clothes and your diaper changed
- Can hold your head up during tummy time
- You HATE tummy time on the playmat
- Good grasp on our fingers
- Love to be held and rocked
- Napping regularly
- Still nursing some - just not a great milk supply

I can hold my own bottle!
 First Christmas tree!
 Festival of Lights
 One of many attempts of a family Christmas picture.

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