Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fisher Grows! 5 Months


Fisher: Time is flying! You are growing up so fast and changing every day. You are very definite about what and who you want. I love to see your independence, and then the need to cuddle with us right after. I love our mornings together. You wake up in such a sweet mood. You love going to school and have found your first girlfriend - you stare at her all day : ) I love being your mommy and am so proud of you.

- Eating 4-5 oz every 3 hours
- 0-3 month clothes, but SUPER close to 3-6 month!
- Size 1 diapers
- You started on cereal! You cried the first night, but got the hang of it quick and were gobbling it up by night two! Even started grabbing the spoon from us!
- First time you held on to and shook a rattle : ) Made us SO proud!
- We finally decided you had to get OUT of the swaddle (with some pushing from PawPaw)! We took it off on Friday night - rough night - you were up and down. But you slept all the way through the night on Saturday! Good job buddy! We have been swaddle free ever since!
- You were dedicated at church : )
- CRACKED up this month! You have mommy's laugh : )
- Rolled from your back to tummy! But have since stopped - you realized that you end up on your tummy, and you hate tummy time!
- LOVE going to school! So happy when we walk in!
- We started letting you fuss a little in the mornings when you woke up too early (no tears, just yelling - I'm not into the cry it out method!). The first morning you fussed until we went in, but by the third morning you were playing quietly in your crib until we came in to get you.
- Grabbing and reaching for toys! Favorites are the dumbbell rattle and owl lovie : )
- You roll over to sleep on your side every night!
- You move ALL over the crib at night time! You love to spin in circles!
- Talking ALL the time - and love to be talked to!
- Always smiling : ) You love attention!
- No longer fussy at diaper or clothes changings!
- Drooling a lot
- Had a little ER visit - you had a tummy bug mixed with a cold

Going for a walk in my stroller!
Helping Auntie grade papers

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