Friday, October 14, 2011

My Big 1 Year Old

Little Bear is ONE!

This post is not for his 12 month update (or his 11 month, which I realize has not been done...), or for his amazingness of a birthday party that will take place tomorrow - It is just because I can't believe my little man is ONE!

This week has been crazy... Tuesday (October 11th) was his actual birthday. I took the morning off from work so I could spend time with him and be with him on the moment he was born a year ago. We started off the day by going to Sister's school and having birthday cupcakes with her class. Then, we went to lunch with Daddy. After lunch, F had to go to school so I could go to my afternoon meetings. But, in true over-the-top-mom fashion, I had to make little favors for all the kids at school to take home on his birthday!

Tuesday evening, we went to Outback with the family for F's birthday dinner. He ate bread (with butter of course), macaroni and cheese, asparagus, and sweet potato. (Yes. He likes to eat. A lot.)

Then came the cupcake. We had the servers bring it out - singing and everything. F was so excited to dive in! I think he was surprised we were letting him have something as amazing as a cupcake, because he had a death grip on it with one hand and shoveled it in with the other hand.

It was the perfect first birthday for our little bear.

(Oh... And he totally knew it was his birthday. He clapped for himself all day!)

This weekend is going to be a blast. I have quite the Fall Festival planned for his party - complete with a s'more bar and bobbing for apples. (I realize he is only 1... Just go with it.)

Stay tuned : )