Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fisher Grows! 10 Months


Fisher Thomas: I have enjoyed every single day with you, but something about your tenth month was just amazing. You are growing and changing so much! You are absolutely brilliant, and by far the cutest baby possible! All I have to do is look at your sweet face, and any kind of day I am having is brightened. Looking at you makes me want to be a better person - someone you can be proud of and look up to. It's getting harder on me as we are getting closer to your 1st birthday. I don't handle letting go well, but I am learning more every day that parenting is the process of letting go... Little by little. You have gotten noticeably more independent - with play and trying to crawl. Your whisper conversations with your paci always crack me up! Thank you again for giving mommy and daddy's life such amazing meaning and purpose. We love you little bear!

- Going to bed at 8:00 and waking up at 7:00 consistently
- Eating five 6 oz bottles a day
- Eating baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- Trying out some table foods - fruit, grits, meats, beans - basically anything soft enough!
- Size 3 diaper
- Some 6-9 month, but mostly 9-12 month clothes
- Drinking really great from a sippy cup
- Love to feed yourself with the bottle
- LOVE snacks!
- You have 6 teeth (top 4 middle, bottom 2 middle)
- Sitting completely independently and showing off your flexibility. You are hilarious the way you will completely face plant (with your butt still firmly planted) to reach a toy - anything to not have to crawl!
- Smile at pretty much anyone, and if someone is not looking at you - you will stare them down until they look at you so you can smile at them! LOVE it : )
- Love to sit at the table with us
- Love to go shopping - especially to the grocery store!
- Went on your first trip to Cape San Blas! Completely loved it.. LOVE LOVE the boat and getting in the water. You even try to swim - frog style
- Not crawling, but you will scoot backwards.. So funny the places we find you!
- Waving and dancing are your favorite
- You laugh hysterically when daddy tickles you
- Making the funniest sound.. Almost like you are clearing your throat repeatedly!
- You will hold your ear or whoever is laying with you's ear when you are going to sleep
- We love your curly hair : )

Watching the Handy Manny tools dance!
Where ya goin??
Whatcha doin in there?