Monday, September 22, 2014

Sum-sum-summa Time, Summatime Travels

So, Tanner coaches a local Babe Ruth baseball team - and was then asked to coach the Babe Ruth All-Star team. He handpicked a (legit) team, and the ended up winning the state tournament. This resulted in a road trip to Richmond, VA.

The State Champs!

In typical Collins planning... we decided to leave town at 9:00 pm Monday night, drive through the night to Richmond...stay there until Saturday...leave at 6:00 pm and drive straight to Cape San Blas, FL for our annual week at the beach for family vacation.

With a 3 year old. (And the assistant coach. And one of the players.)

Needless to say, we were skeptical. Turns out, driving through the night is the way to go. (Not to mention we rented a minivan with a DVD player. I am embarrassed to say that I actually liked the minivan. Let's not go crazy and think I will ever purchase one... But the doors that open automagically and all the room... It was tempting.) Fisher watched movies and slept through the night both ways. It was such a pleasant 11 hour drive - if that is possible.

Tanner's team made it to playoffs in the regional tournament, but with a heartbreaking loss, came in 3rd place. (They were headed to the World Series should they have won.) But, it was such a great trip. We have family in Richmond that we obviously don't see very much, and loved spending some time with them.

Representing Florida well.

We made it back to town about 6:00 am Sunday morning, stopped to pick up my mom and return the beloved minivan, and headed to the beach for a wonderful week of family, relaxing, fishing, scalloping, and beaching.

Tired boys.
Best location for a morning run. Ever.

2 weeks from our original departure, we made it back to Bear Creek. We have never been so happy to go home! ...And I think the same goes for the dogs!

Now... Time to settle in for the Sunday of Summer (August), and anxiously await our most favorite time of year..... FALL!

(We squeezed in a little in town fun pre-roadtrip marathon.....)

Painting with Henry.
Vacation Bible School!
Movie date with Jayden!