Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boat Days of Summer... and Water Days Too

Tanner and I bought a boat last year, and have really enjoyed our first full summer using it. To say Fisher loves it would be a gross understatement. He LOVESSSSS it! Such a water baby... Loves to fish... Fits right in.


We have also spend an enormous amount of time in various water locations this summer... Be it the ocean, a pool, a splash pad, or a random blow up pool... We are there!

Fisher and Sammy are besties!
He might not look thrilled about it, but he graduated swim school!
Showing Sofie the ropes at the Splash Pad.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TeeBall Season Wrap Up

Fisher's first season of teeball was a smashing success. He is naturally a very sweet, very shy little boy. The change in him from the start of the season to the end was amazing. He has started learning what it is to be a team, how to interact (and share) with others, how to take turns... the list goes on. He really started to come out of his shell, and we are so pleased with this direction!

His very last run home : )


His last game happened to be on my birthday, so later that evening we went to The Melting Pot to celebrate...both my birthday and his season! He was so proud of his medal, he decided he should wear it to dinner. (And obviously we agreed!) 


NOW! Time to gear up for SOCCER SEASON! (How fun will it be to see a bunch of 4 year olds running wild on a field chasing a ball?!)