Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fisher Grows! 9 Months


(These pictures are getting a little more difficult...)

Fisher - How in this good world are you nine months old? Time must have universally sped up the day I had you. I guess it must also be going by faster because we are having so much fun with you! You have such an amazing personality. You still LOVE your daddy more than anyone. You have actually gotten to the point where if you see him, you reach for him - and if he is holding you, and someone else tries to get you, you turn away and hug him tighter. Your daddy lights up everytime you do that (and is a little cocky that you even do it to me). But, I know you still love your mommy so much (almost as much as daddy)! You LOVE to squeal! You talk all the time and get especially loud if anyone should dare to walk by you in the store. You are getting more independent. We can just sit you in the recliner with it propped up, hand you the bottle, and you are one happy man. Fisherman - you have every bit of our hearts, and we are so proud to call you our baby boy.

- Size 2 & 3 diapers
- 6 month and 6-9 month clothes
- Weighing about 19 1/2 pounds!
- Sleeping 10-11 hours every night
- Eating 5 bottles a day (between 5 and 6 ounces)
- Eating baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- Talking ALL the time
- Sitting more independently
- Loves to play with toys
- Using the paci more - I think it is because of your teeth
- You have 6 teeth!
- Started wearing little shoes every now and then (SO cute!)
- Said "dada" (and now say is ALL the time!), you also say "mama" and "baba"
- Went on your first scalloping trip! You LOVE the boat and the water! You were so cute in your life jacket - you couldnt really move a lot, but would fall asleep every time the boat was running.
- Met the Talley's : )
- Auntie Amy swears you said "auntie"

What Fisher does while Mommy is getting dressed in the mornings!
Playdate with Jhett and Emily!

Sometimes, you just have to kick back...